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The Healing Power of Color

Using different color energies can bring balance to our lives, and it is so easy to do! It can be as simple as the color of shirt you put on in the morning. If you have been feeling too withdrawn or overly tired, try wearing the color red. If your household is overly filled with energy and stress, add some browns and blues to your decor to calm the energy in your home.

Grey: Represents neutrality, introspection, stillness

Silver: Represents openness, intuition

White: Represents new beginnings, imagination, purity

Pink: Represents affection, friendship, optimism

Red: Represents love, passion, strength, power

Gold: Represents success, courage, setting boundaries

Brown: Represents grounding, home, stability

Orange: Represents energy, vitality, luck, magnetism

Yellow: Represents creativity, communication, learning

Green: Represents prosperity, health, abundance, nature

Blue: Represents peace, hope, healing, patience, truth

Purple: Represents intuition, deep connections, wisdom

Black: Represents protection, silence, elimination

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