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The Healing Power of Crystals

Many years ago, crystals were rather popular among yogis and among new-age belief systems.


Today, crystals are more popular than ever among all types of people. Rightfully so, as they are filled with phenomenal healing properties capable of transforming your life.

Healing crystals are powerful energy sources that emit vibrations all around you. By harnessing their energy, you tap into a higher frequency of consciousness that strengthens the mind-body connection.

Ready to access your highest self? Grab your favorite healing crystals and get ready to feel grounded, energized and rejuvenated. Here’s how you can use healing crystals to enhance and transform your life.

How Do Crystals Work?

When you use crystals for healing, you access the properties within the stone that release healing energy, vibrations, and frequencies. Using crystals for healing is a practice well over 6,000 years old, despite its recent boom in popularity. Crystals used in healing practices have been around for millennia. Healing crystals incorporate life-energy, which is a Chinese method of accessing vortices of energy that connect us to metaphysical and holistic energies. Crystal healing ties in the Buddhist method of accessing the chakras, or energy centers, within the body and around the body to bring harmony to the body, mind and spirit.


However, simply holding a crystal won’t elevate you to peak mindfulness. Instead, you use crystals to foster healing by setting intentions and turning introspective to invite peace and healing. Once you set your intentions for a particular crystal, or group of crystals, it's a game changer!

There are several ways to use healing crystals, and it ultimately depends on the type of healing you need or desire. These are just some of the various ways you can use the healing power of crystals to generate positive changes in and around your life.

Five Ways To Use Healing Crystals

Just as the spectrum of healing crystals is diverse, vivid, and varied, so too are the ways in which you can use them. Truth is, there isn’t just one way to use crystals for healing. Instead, you can bring them into your environment to optimize your daily well being. From wearing crystal jewelry to using crystals during meditation, to utilizing them in your home as decor, having crystals throughout your home, work space, and your life will lead to an open and consistent flow of positive, healing energy all around you. Let the healing begin!

Obtaining Crystals

Crystals are found just about everywhere these days. A lot of stores and small shops sell some type of crystal, crystal jewelry, etc. You can purchase your crystals online as well, from stores on Etsy and Amazon, etc. Just make sure you know the "source" of the crystals you are purchasing. If purchasing your crystals on Etsy, for example, if the shop owner has not stated the source of origin for the crystal you wish to purchase, send them a message. Most Etsy sellers are more than willing to help you make an informed decision. There are, unfortunately, many fake crystals out and about in our world, and while sometimes difficult to spot, learning more about spotting fakes (a topic for another blog post) will help you make an informed and good purchase.


When you do find a crystal you may be drawn to, you can often feel the energy. It may have silently spoken to you or drawn you to look at it from across the room. A bowl full of amethyst stones, for example, while beautiful all together, might have just one stone you have to move other stones around in order to pick it up to look at it further. Hold the stone in your dominant hand (most of the time, your right hand), and close your hand in a fist. See if you can feel the energy. If you can, do you enjoy the feeling? If it feels right to you, then it's for you. If you don't think it feels right to you, then choose another stone.

Cleanse, Charge, and Program Your Crystal

Once you get your stone home, you should cleanse it. The stone you have found or purchased has energies from other people who may have touched it previously, and you want to have a "clean" start for your crystal. Once of the easiest ways to cleanse your crystals is to light a sage smudge stick and pass the smoke over and around the stone or pass the stone through the smoke. Once you have cleansed it (and there are other methods, yet another blog post, for sure), then it is time to charge your stone.

Charging your stone gets it ready to be programmed with your needs. The easiest method is placing the stone outside (or on a window sill inside) under the light of the full moon. Even two or three days prior to or following the full moon will work just fine. Leave it there until morning to soak up as much of the moon's powerful energies as possible.


Now it is time to program your crystal with a manifestation, goal, or intention. The best way to do this is to hold the crystal in your right hand - as the right hand is the giving hand, energetically (the left hand is the receiving hand). Hold the stone in your hand, with closed hand or not (go with your gut here), close your eyes, take a deep breath, and say (out loud or in your head, but out loud is more powerful) exactly what your intention is for the crystal. There are a variety of popular scripts, but they all align with the same intention: to ask for a high vibration of love that you can connect your highest self with, while also eliminating negative energy and programming. Then, you can command the crystal to hold your intention, whatever it may be.

For example, rose quartz is an excellent heart healing stone. You might set the intention for this stone to "help you with a sense of self love." For a black tourmaline stone, you might set the intention to "help protect you from negative energies and return negative energies to whomever is putting them in the universe towards me."

After you state your intention clearly, say thank you -- not once, not twice, but three times. Doing this will solidify your intention is in the Universe and waiting to manifest into reality for you.

Just remember, always cleanse and charge your stones first before setting your intention. It is also a good practice to cleanse, recharge, and reset your intentions on a monthly basis (around the full moon is a great time to do so). This step is especially important as healing crystals absorb energy and cleansing them will rejuvenate them to be available to your intentions.

Meditating with Crystals


After you have cleansed, charged, and programmed your crystals with your intention(s), you can strengthen the spiritual bond through meditation. Crystal healing harnesses the power of the Universe -- the sun, moon, and stars all work in alignment to serve your intention. When you combine meditation with healing crystals, you tap into a powerful, metaphysical space.

To meditate with crystals, find a tranquil space and sit or lie comfortably. Hold the crystals in your open hands above your knees (if sitting), or hold one in your hands in front of your heart. Close your eyes and focus on your intention. Meditation is NOT a form of praying, by the way. Rather, it is contemplation and mindfully bringing awareness to your intention. The goal with meditation is to shut out the noise of exterior stimulation to go deeper into your internal self and mind’s eye. Listening to meditative music (you can find lots of great ones on YouTube or Amazon Music) helps to shut out some of that "committee speak" as I refer to it as. Start by meditating with your crystals for five minutes - see if you can eliminate all excess mind chatter/committee speak, and when you feel you have mastered it, move up to ten minutes, etc.

Crystals, Crystals, Everywhere!

Bringing crystals into your home and environment has amazing benefits. The crystals work to cleanse your space of negative energy and promote peace and calm. In addition to their healing properties, crystals are stunning decorations that invite the earth and nature into your living space. Many people place crystals throughout their home and in every room to cleanse the space and promote positive vibes. You can choose a crystal theme, or scatter assorted crystals around your home. However you choose to decorate with healing crystals, you’ll experience elevated consciousness, awareness, and tranquility throughout your home.

What's that You're Wearing?

crystal necklace

Speaking of stunning decorations, these precious stones make gorgeous accessories. Crystal jewelry enables you to wear positive energy throughout your day. Need the healing power of amethyst today? Great! Maybe tomorrow, you might need some black obsidian. Change it up! Not only will you invite healing at home, but when you leave home you are taking that positive energy with you all day long. If you do not or cannot wear jewelry, it's not a problem! Take a couple of small crystals in your purse or pocket to stay grounded on the go.

Crystal Healing Rituals

As we each embark on our journey through life, it’s natural for difficult times to arise and emotional wounds to open. In trying times, crystal healing rituals foster deeper healing. There are several healing rituals you can choose from. If you feel out of balance or stressed, place chakra stones on the seven chakras of your body for 10-20 minutes. If you have heartache or emotional turmoil, hold your favorite crystal to your heart for eleven minutes and breathe through your emotions. If your body is sore or in pain, place healing crystals in a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes for ultra-healing and detoxing. Be sure to check that your crystals are suitable for water, as some are not.

As you can see, there’s no limit to the ways to invite healing into your life with crystals. Whether you wear them daily, bring them into your work space or home, or practice rituals, you are sure to welcome the holistic and spiritual benefits of these mystical gems.

Happy healing!


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