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    It is a scientific fact that puns are a great form of humor! Add a little humor to your life with our custom stainless steel tumblers! Anyone with a sense of humor (even a little warped humor) will love these tumblers!

    While there may be similar tumblers available from other sellers, this particular tumbler is a one-of-a-kind design. The lid is a custom topper, made to look like with a frog, potion bottle, cauldron, and broom, all encased in resin. While resin is durable and shatter resistant, it is not shatter proof. Please take care with your tumbler. Do not leave this tumbler in your car or outside for any extended period of time (extreme hot or cold can damage the design/finish of your tumbler).

    This is a 30-ounce stainless steel, double walled tumbler. It will keep hot drinks hot for up to 8 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours. Hand wash ONLY. We will include an instruction card with your tumbler. The lid is removeable and should be hand washed also. But please - do not soak this tumbler, do not place it in the dishwasher! Do not place in microwave!


    * Do NOT place in dishwasher

    * Do NOT microwave

    * Do NOT place in freezer

    * Do NOT leave in your car or outside for any length of time

    * Do NOT soak (you may soak the inside of the mug, but do not submerge the tumbler into water for any extended period of time).

    * Do gently wipe the outside of the tumbler with a damp cloth or a soapy sponge/cloth and rinse immediately

    * Do NOT place the lid in the dishwasher

    * No straw is included with this tumbler.


    Each tumbler is made to order. This particular tumbler takes extra processing time, as there are several layers of glitter and/or epoxy, which must cure. The topper is hand created and takes time to cure. Approximately one to two weeks production time is needed. We will not ship your tumbler until the final coat of epoxy resin has had at least three full days to cure before we wrap and package it for shipping to you.

    Every monitor is different. There may be slight variations in the color/shade of the design/tumbler from your monitor. While each of our tumblers is usually made to order and there may be slight variations in size and/or placement of the design on the tumbler, this particular tumbler is ready to ship!

    Just a reminder - all items are 100% hand crafted. As with all hand-crafted items, slight imperfections can and most likely will exist. Each item is completely unique, and this does not take away from the beauty or functionality of the item. No two items are identical! Hand made, hand created - there may be small imperfections.

    We welcome custom orders!

    I Practice Bitch Craft, 30 oz Stainless Steel Drink Tumbler with Custom 3D

    SKU: 1315201019
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