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HANDCRAFTED GODDESS CROWNS. Perfect for weddings, festivals, rituals, and more!

Pink Angel Aura Quartz crystal crown with black wiring and gunmetal crescent moons!

Made with authentic Angel Aura Quartz. This stone is known to inspire peace, clear the mind, aid with motivation, give strength, help with spiritual awakening, and is perfect for new beginnings (and wearing at new moon rituals!). Angel Aura Quartz is also about revealing the beauty between your bonds with others. Angel Aura Quartz is also great to use to nourish your heart Chakra with positivity, utilizing its healing properties. Quartz counteracts negative energy. Positive energy will be activated as negative is purified. Quartz amplifies the intentions and energies of other crystals.

A lovely addition to help you become a magical fairy, queen, goddess, or witch. Perfect accessory for weddings, parties, festivals, Halloween, or any celebration!

Can stretch to accommodate most head sizes. These natural crystals have drilled holes in them which is where the wire goes through -- the crystals cannot fall off, but they are fragile. Please exercise care when using or wearing it, and please be aware that all crystals are different shapes and colors so it may variate from the original photos!


How to Cleanse your Crystals:

Crystals can absorb negative energies, so it is important to cleanse them. Here are some methods you may use for cleansing Aura Quartz:

Water – Aura Quartz resonates with Earth and grounding, cleansing it in a spring or stream is a lovely way to cleanse (remember, only certain types of crystals can handle being in water - usually those ending in "ite" are not meant to be soaked in water).

Sunlight – Aura Quartz loves the sun. Sunlight will purify negative energy and restore the male-female balance to your crystal. As this crystal doesn’t like extreme heat, please do this in the early morning, when the light is less intense.

Moonlight – Moonlight is a lovely way to cleanse and energize Aura Quartz. If you can, place it directly on the ground, under the moonlight, so it also gains the grounding energies from the Earth. Cleansing using moonlight can be done at any time during the moon's cycle, but the energies around the full moon are the most powerful.


Chakra: Crown Chakra

Mainly associated with the Crown chakra, Quartz also helps to balance all of your chakras as well as cleanse your aura. This crown chakra crystal governs creative and emotional energy. Quartz prevents negative energy and gives clarity to your thoughts and feelings. Quartz balances the energy flow in your body, efficiently raising your vibrations and increasing your spiritual development.


What's Included:

Angel Aura Quartz Crown 6" across with Quartz points 1" to 1.75", and gunmetal-colored crescent moons.


Your Aura Quartz Crown will arrive to you charged, blessed, and infused with reiki healing energy and positive intentions to help you benefit the most on your healing journey.


Have questions? Need a custom order? Please contact us through the Etsy messaging system.

We ship using USPS Priority or first-class mail. Most all items are ready to ship within two to three business days.

Please keep in mind that colors may vary depending on your monitor or phone screen and may vary slightly from the actual product colors. Images / designs may vary slightly from the photos due to each item being made to order when you order.

Triple Goddess Natural Crystal Tiara Crown Headband, Angel Aura Quartz Crown wi

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